The PetPost Secret

The book ‘The PetPost Secret’ by Radhika R. Dhariwal, can make its readers a fan of Squirrel, the protagonist in just an hour of reading. It is not just a story that revolves around animals, but a thought provoking insight into the journey that every individual undertakes. The Squirrel represents a character who is young, yet determined and brave.  

At the wedding, to which he was surprisingly invited, he befriends Despatches, a young dog. What follows next is utter chaos as both drink the forbidden ‘Wedded Wine’. The ‘Kowas’ attack all guests and want to kidnap Squirrel but is saved by Kowa – Azulfa. Squirrel is desperate to gulp down the mysterious liquid that would bring him an identity and freedom. At a deeper level, the Squirrel’s strong desire is everyone’s desperate longing for freedom and liberty. The characters resemble the different natures of people around us. Some are full of deceit and take pleasure in cheating people. While others, the benevolent ones, look for ways to save and help us. The book is both entertaining and philosophical and appeals to human mind. Believe me, once you begin reading, you will remain glued to it till the 30th chapter.

The interesting plots and dramatic situation sustain our interest and just not let us skip even the smallest detail. The clever use of animals by the author, to highlight its struggle for freedom makes it an interesting and engaging reading for both children and grown – ups.

At the end, the readers will actually breathe a sigh of relief when they discover that Squirrel found his identity as Domino Ryfclap after risking his precious life in Mellifera, White Stone Tomb, Daling tea gardens and the Desert of Blood Kings.It teaches us about team spirit in the last chapter. I became a fan of Squirrel and his team and everyone who will truly read the book would also be.

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