Khan Academy

khan academyAccording to Wikipedia, “Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan to provide “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”. The organization produces micro lectures in the form of YouTube videos. In addition to micro lectures, the organization’s website features practice exercises and tools for educators. All resources are available for free to anyone around the world.”

Khan Academy ( is a web platform created by Salman Khan (not the one in movies) to benefit people all over the world and get free and world-class education anytime and anywhere. Salman Khan had started explaining things to his cousins on another part of the world through YouTube videos using a Wacom Bamboo Pad. It was a fact that his cousins preferred the YouTube version of his lectures than he himself in person. It became a source of inspiration for Khan and he quit his job and started an organisation with his colleagues which later turned to vast academy.

In the beginning, Khan Academy offered videos mostly about mathematics. But now, Khan Academy has been able to expand its faculty and offer courses about history, healthcare, medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, cosmology, American civics, art history, economics, music, and computer science. Khan Academy’s website has been translated to 23 languages and its videos to 65 languages including Indonesian, German, Spanish, Czech, French, Italian, Swahili, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Xhosa, Greek, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, and Chinese.

The Academy utilises a badging system where points are awarded for watching videos and finishing practice tests and a certain number of points can earn a badge. The major components of Khan Academy include the following

  • a personalized learning engine to help people track what they have learned and recommend what they can do next
  • a video library with over 6500 videos in various topic areas.
  • automated exercises with continuous assessment.

In my opinion, this service gives us a glimpse of what future education may be like. It also helps people who, after a span of some years have forgotten a concept, but are embarrassed to ask about it. They can learn at their own pace in their own time. I would recommend everyone to go and try out it once !

Most people are held back not by their innate ability, but by their mindset. They think intelligence is fixed, but it isn’t. Your brain is like a muscle. The more you use it and struggle, the more it grows.
New research shows we can take control of our ability to learn. We can all become better learners. We just need to build our brains in the right way.

You only have to know one thing: You can learn anything !

~ Salman Khan (Founder – Khan Academy)

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