The Position Of Women In India

“God can only reside in a country where women are respected.” Though the scriptures have given women a high position in the society, but they were considered inferior to me in practical life. Women were prohibited to take part in domestic as well as in external matter.
They could not overcome the nasty Purdah system of the time. Further, there was the custom of Sati. Many women were forcibly sent to the funeral pyre of their dead husbands. There was no change in the fate of women even during the British rule in India.
The situation began to change when many national figures started a struggle for India’s freedom. Mahatma Gandhi openly invited the help from women. Many women came forward. Among them were Sarojini Naidu, Vijaya Laxmi Pandit and others. Mrs. Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India. She became a very famous woman in the world. With her, the status of women in India increased a lot. They excelled in almost all fields such as sports, politics, administration, science and arts.
The Government of India has taken all efforts to abolish the difference between men and women. According to the Constitution of India, men and women are equal before law. The government is laying special emphasis on the education of girls. In spite of it, their husbands demand more and more dowry. They consider their wives as good source of getting dowry. This is how the status of Indian women is going down. The women can get back their rightful place in society if law is properly enforced to check male-superiority.

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