The Hero – বীরপুরুষ

The poem is based on the imagination of a small boy, Khoka that was composed by Rabindranath Tagore. The boy is traveling in a faraway unknown place with his mother who is sitting in a palanquin with the door slightly open. The boy is riding a chestnut-brown horse at medium speed. It is evening and the the sun is about to set when they were traveling through the plain of two lakes where nobody could be seen. The tack they were following was curly covered with thorny grass. No herd can be seen as they have returned to their homes. His mother saw a light and got frightened. A guild of bandits came shouting with their shields and spears. His mother started praying and hoping that no one harms Khoka. The palanquin bearers ran away and hid behind the trees. A fearful and dangerous fight took place and the boy finally killed all the bandits and relieved his mother who then kissed him and took him home. No one was ready to believe that the boy saved his mother. His brother started teasing him but the neighbours praised him for his courageous deed.

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