A Dream

The poem ‘A Dream’ has been composed by Tabassum Khan. He has used various parts of speech such as similes and metaphors in every stanza. He says to open our hearts and help all people. The hatred that we feel should flow away and justice should be firm in our hearts. He says that he has a dream that one day all the people in this world live in harmony and cooperate with each other. He wishes that this situation shall prevail forever and we shall live in peace. The poem is as follows:-

“I say
open your hearts
like a new flower
Let the hatred in us
flow away like a stream
let justice be set in your hearts
like a stone standing straight and firm
I have a dream that one day
people all around the world
shall eat from the plate of peace
and say together
‘We shall stay so always’
One day
a tree will grow high and strong
in the garden of justice
And live forever.”

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