Syndrome X

Indians carry a gene which makes them to feel hypertension, diabetes and heart attack. The Syndrome X gene makes Indians four times more susceptible to heart attacks than European, Americans, Japanese and Chinese. World Health Organisation predicts that about 60% of the world’s heart patients will be Indian in the year 2020.

But they are not serious about to avoid this type of situation. The adoption of deskbound lifestyle, fast foods makes the young Indians diseased at much younger age. The risk factors can be controlled are lifestyle habits like smoking, physical inactivity, heavy alcohol consumption and stress etc. If these habits are eliminated, then these risks can be easily controlled. We can control these risks if we follow the way of physical health.

Health is a positive state of physical, mental and social well-being not merely absence of disease and infirmity. We can also say health is like “One is in perfect health when the functionalities of the body, the processes of digestion, assimilation, metabolism, the entire physical body with all its tissues, components and processes, and all the excretory functions  are in perfect order with a pleasantly disposed mind, senses and spirit.

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