Swadharma is the internal intelligence within each individual. Our ingrained qualities and inclinations attract towards certain kinds of activities and experiences. When we tune our minds to pick up on our inner calling by decoding our mental DNA, we discover our swadharma. Swadharma is not something to be created, but to be discovered within oneself. When it is discovered, it will guide the individual on the path of right action. Why? By pursuing our passions, we stay inspired in the work we do. Inspired living opens up new horizons of contentment.  Like Helen Keller says, “It’s not worth living if you haven’t found something worth dying for.
A good example – as a child, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj would be sent repeatedly to retrieve something from a room which was constantly rearranged with different objects. However, each time he would return with only a sword. From such a young age, it was clear that his swadharma was to be a warrior.
A good exercise is to start thinking about your purpose: List ten things that you enjoy doing. From these, peak five that come to you most naturally. Now, sit quietly and contemplate. How many of these can keep yourself inspired always?

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