My Transformation Transorms Nation

Transformation is a change of state. The change of mind is a form of transformation.  A nation is cumulative state of mind of same or different kind of transformations. This transformation should be shifted to be in positive or affirmative for the spiritual growth of nation. My transformation transforms nation – is not so simple, but that can be.
I am giving an example of such occurrence. In Pakistan (our neighbour country) previously education of the girls was banned through the order of some terrorist groups and a group of people from the administration and of the society.  A little girl named “Mallala” is used to learn education in her home with the help of her parents.  After few years she started to help the local girls and ladies to help in their learning. Learning is a great help in the daily life’s activity. These girls and ladies are trying to control their families for the benefit to run as normal family.
The educational uplift of these girls and ladies disturbed a group of people from their society who informed these to terrorist group. Terrorist group’s mentality is against the uplift of this type. They threat to these girls, ladies and even Mallala.  Mallala was not frightened in these threats. She used to protest the activities against the learning or education.
One day when she was teaching to the girls, a group of terrorist came and firing to Mallala. Bullets pierced her body; she fell on the ground and senseless. One of his neighbours was working in army and he respects her very much. He got this news. He then & then informed the ambulance. Her body was sent to nearest army hospital. But her condition was so bad that the doctors reacted that she will die as the body condition is so bad.  Malala was popular in the local army base as she helped to learn many things in the families of army staffs. This news is sent to the army headquarter for helping her medically. The army base doctors discussed on the case and requested the army Head quarter to help Malala to the best hospital, where she can get best medical facility.  
The Army came to help Malala. Her body sent to a good hospital in London through an army plane. After many operations,   her condition was improved. She came back to home after four months. Now through her life and works, she transforms Pakistan. The Pakistan govt. now focusses on the girl’s education.  A little girl transforms a nation through her transformation. Now she is a Nobel Prize Winner of this year. We can help to transform ourselves in various ways, the all of which transforms the local society.

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